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Turn out-of-town travelers
into new customers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get more customers from out-of-town without having to move out of town? Meet Apogee Indigo. We’re like a matchmaker. We introduce visitors to your business—visitors who might otherwise skip town without ever getting a chance to drop by and meet you.

Time spent in the city could be
money spent at your business.

Apogee Indigo offers our merchant partners the ability to reach new out-of-town customers coming to your Apogee Indigo market BEFORE they leave their home. These customers are impossible for small and medium sized businesses to reach. Apogee Indigo will do all the heavy lifting to drive these visitors through your doors.

Apogee Indigo will initially pre-purchase your products and services via cash payments and then market your location to its worldwide member base.  Apogee Indigo assumes 100% of the costs of marketing, consumer benefit, credit card and processing fees.

How it works:


Better Than
A Cash Advance!


Quick Approval & Funding.


No Repayment, No Interest.


Get Pre-Funded in Cash!

Our business is helping your business grow.

We pay you upfront for the privilege of sending you new customers. Yep. You read that right. We pay you upfront for the privilege of sending you new customers. That’s not all. We tell them about your business via advertising and social media before they even get to your city.

How can you tell the difference between
an out-of-town customer and a local customer?

That’s easy. Apogee does it for you. Our zip code identifier makes sure only people who live 50 miles or more outside of your city can use the app. This is how you know the savings incentive is attracting new customers from out-of-town and not locals.

$250* Referral Offer!

Know a merchant that could benefit from what Apogee Indigo has to offer! Refer them to us. It’s a WIN-WIN! You get $250 and the referred merchant will gain new customers coming from out-of-town! Simply CLICK HERE and fill out the referral form. Once the referred merchant signs up with Apogee Indigo, you get $250. Anyone can participate and you can refer as many merchants as you want.

*Apogee Indigo must have a signed contract with the referred merchant to qualify for the $250 referral bonus.

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