Put it on Apogee Indigo.
Load up the savings.

Apogee Indigo offers travelers, or as we call them “Explorers”, a virtual sherpa that provides curated dining, entertainment, attraction, shopping and experiences all at great savings. These savings consist of both, discounts on pre-purchases of Apogee Indigo (good at our entire network of merchants), as well as additional purchase rebates during their journey while visiting other cities.

The Explorer decides how much to spend and how much to save. Here’s how it works: prior to traveling to a destination city, the Explorer will preload their Apogee Indigo app. Whatever the face value of the preload, the Explorer pays a lower rate. For instance, the face value of the preload might be for $100, but the Explorer will pay the discounted rate of $85, yet still have $100 to spend. In addition, the Explorer can earn rebates on all their Apogee Indigo transactions. The savings continue every time the Explorer increases their balance. It’s that simple.

How it works:

Paint the town Indigo.

Let the good times and savings roll. Thanks to our partnerships with only the finest establishments you’ll enjoy the best restaurants, shops, attractions, and entertainment a city has to offer. You’ll spend less time searching for something to do and more time doing it. Bon voyage.

Apogee Indigo makes it worth the trip.

Apogee Indigo is more than just a guide to a good time and great savings. We help you take charge and manage your travel budget before you leave home—and while you’re on the road. Keep tabs on what you’re spending, how much you’re saving, and enjoy the convenience of reloading your balance anytime, anywhere.

Apogee Indigo is a virtual sherpa that helps Explorers find what they’re looking for. Top restaurants. The hottest places to shop. And the most amazing entertainment spots. And the coolest attractions. All at great savings.

See more.
Do more.
Save more.

Apogee Indigo app users get great savings at premier dining, shopping and entertainment destinations in select U.S. cities. It’s like having a personal tour guide that points Explorers to the trendiest restaurants, the best shops, and the coolest places to go for entertainment.

A better experience at a great value.

Interested in Becoming a Partner?


Reach new out-of-town customers coming to your Apogee Indigo market BEFORE they leave their home. We pay you upfront for the privilege of sending you new customers.



Distribution partners earn revenue on their customers’ dining, attractions, entertainment, nightlife and shopping during the duration of their trip and future trips for years to come.



Wholesale partners purchase Apogee Indigo loads at savings off face value allowing them to provide a high perceived benefit to their customers at a greatly reduced cost.